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CK's Major James Huffer N28 94th Sq

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Hi all my name is Sinbad in the sim world and I am a WW1 skinner,


This is one of a few skins I have done for Canvas Knights back in 2011 / 12 while the game was in development, DM came to me now that the CK game is out and asked if I could finish them, with R/L things happening for me right now I was unable to do this, so DM asked if he could finish them up, so here is Major James Huffer N28 94th Sq.






You can get it here;



Hope you all enjoy the new skin.


Ok all,  this is the last of Sinbad's great skin works, I would like to thank Sinbad for allowing me to finish them up and post them so you all could enjoy them.


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