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Version 2.5.2 of Vehicle Simulator is available!

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Version 2.5.2 is available for download.


Changes for version 2.5.2

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Remeber full screen mode when program is closed.
  • Accrutate caustic refraction using underwater visibility.
  • Gear animation and user animation animate according to their frame count.
  • Added instrument dgalt - reads altitude in feet.
  • Added instrument dgweapon.
  • Separate radar and weapon dialogs.
  • Weapon locked and ready voice when weapon is locked.
  • Vehicle options dialog split into two, and tooltips added to all options.
  • Added option to render boat in pilot view without hiding water.
  • Added very big explosition for weapons using [kill_radius].
  • Killing all targets in weapon [kill_radius] also in netplay games.
  • Loading situation.html enabled only in demo mode.
  • Manifest file read from common directory and from scenery.
  • Cargo can be removed from scenery using cargo dialog remove button.
  • Smoke when engine is on when [smoke_s] < 0 in smoke.cfg.
  • Optional vehicle sounds added, "inside.wav" and "outside.wav" as ambient sound inside and outside.
  • Scenery animations support "_n" night mode.
  • Added vehicle tags lightsl, lightsr, lightsm, lightst, which glow on when light is on.
  • Parachute attached at (hook_x, hook_y, hook_z).
  • Vehicles can use color coded bump maps for effects when bump scale < 0.
  • Added night vision mode using Ctrl+T, button on Telescope, Joystick button and Toolbar icon.

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