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    and so.... where jet sky and scenery?
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    GAZ Tigr

    this ship sailind do? =В
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  5. First test of the Finnstar in Across the Seas and UE. Raytraced reflections for windows enabled. Marko
  6. Working on the next watercraft conversion for Across the Seas in UE. The textures set is currently Work in Progress and does not represent the final look of the watercraft. Regards Marko
  7. Todays work, first tests of the Ocean Star model in Across the Seas. Need to finish the interior and to rework the exterior texture set. Regards Marko
  8. Sneak peak of the status of Across the Seas. The Unreal Engine version coming along very nicely. Most of the basic things like the menu structure and graphics features are done. The watercraft physics needs a little bit more tweaking for a first release. But I'm quite happy with the physics so far. I'm still amazed of the look and the performance of the water and the weather engine in UE compared to these things in Unity. In the newest internal build of Across the Seas I have also added FSR3 to the engine. Otherwise the UE version of Across the Seas runes natively in DX12 with UE features like Lumen, Nanite for 3d meshes, an basic implementation of Metasounds and also support of Raytracing effects for glass and metal surfaces and reflections. Marko
  9. Dear Hangsim community, really sad news for the community, Ilan Papini passed away last Friday after an accident with his plane. Thanks to Ilan for all his passion he has dedicated to the community. Rest in Peace Ilan and my condolences to his family about the terrible lose. Regards Marko
  10. Really sad news, Ilan passed away last Friday after an accident. :(

  11. Hello Captains, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and also a big Thank You for all your community support! I'm a big step closer to the first release of the Unreal Version of Across the Seas. The switch to Unreal was really challenging, but I think it was the right decision for Across the Seas. Core parts like the UI and the watercraft physics are done. I'm trying to add the first basic multiplayer mode also for the first release of the new UE version. An important point for AMD users, the sim comes with native FSR 3 integration. Regards Marko
  12. Version 1.0.0


    ROUSSEN Class Fast Attack Craft for Vehicle Simulator and Virtual Sailor NG. The Roussen class is a seven-strong class of British-designed fast attack missile boats improved and customized for the Hellenic Navy, also known as Super Vita. The class is named after its lead ship, which in turn is named after Lt Nikolaos Roussen, a World War II submarines officer who was killed in the suppression of the Navy mutiny in April 1944. This boat has properties. The ship bears an animated Hellenic Navy flag and carries two rotating radars. The bow and aft flagpoles are animated and they can be lowered or raised with Ctrl-A. This boat carries 4 EXOCET missiles (2 on each side) that can lock on targets and be fired. Just make sure that prior to the missile launch your target ship is in your beam port or starboard, with a relative bearing 65 degrees up to 115 degrees off your bow. You can fire the missiles from the weapons panel or by bringing up the HUD (Shift-H) so that you can hear the lock on sound. The OTO MELARA 76/62 gun is also playable and loaded with real life data (inside the weapon.cfg). Finaly the RAM launcher is also functional. Just point the turret to the target, lock on and shoot. I have not included a panel yet, but I plan to make one in the future.
  13. As a little side project, I have made the decision to reopen my Airbus A340-600 project. But after switching from Prepar3D to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, the Airbus is currently only in active development for MSFS 2020. I have reworked the entire fuselage to get a better visual result...and of course the original model was very old. Currently I work on the last steps of the fuselage, with modeling the cargo and a low poly cabin space. Right after that, I will start with the rework of the landing gear and the wings. Note: However the priority is still the development of Across the Seas. Regards Marko
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