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  2. Calais - Work in Progress Outbound Calais and heading for Port of Dover. Marko
  3. Here is a nice Across the Seas teaser for the upcoming alpha version. The teaser is created by TheFreaks.
  4. Thank you, I plan to release the public alpha during the last quarter of this year.
  5. Looks awesome! When are you thinking there will be a public version available? I'd love to test this out, as I have a few years being a helmsman on a ferry.
  6. Hi Captains, The thrusters are now implemented in the sim. So, you can now safely mooring the ship. Sry for the untextured scenery objects. It's the Dover/Calais scenery and it's Work in Progress. The new minimap system is also done. I removed the realtime map. The system is now a picture based minimap system. So it allows me, to paint the minimap to create an look like a real nautical chart. And it gives also an performance boost of 15fps .
  7. Hi All, Across the Seas is also shown in the newest Simul's (the creators of trueSKY) Blog Post. You can take a look here:
  8. Hi Captains, We have now also an Discord Channel. So you can follow our project and mainly the development of Across the Seas at Discord. Regards Marko
  9. Across the Seas anchor physics test. A few things need to be tweaked like the anchor mass or the colliders for the anchor. But so far, it works and looks good.
  10. Across the Seas, now with a new water engine and better weather effects.

  11. Sneak peek of the new wake effect, still need a few things to setup but it looks really nice.
  12. Now added planar reflection to the water engine. Crest Ocean asset looks really cool.
  13. Testing the watercraft physics with Crest ocean. Looks really nice so far. Also to see is an update to the weather engine.
  14. A first look of the new water displacement for the watercrafts that comes with the new water system. It's not final yet, but it looks really promising. The new water has also a much better performance and it's now possible to increase the visibility without getting artefacts.
  15. Hey Captains, After upgrading Across the Seas to Unity 2019. Some of the assets that I'm using are broken. And after the depreciation of Ultimate Water System, I need to take a look for an alternative water system and I chose Crest for the simulator. First steps are done, watercrafts physics are integrated, trueSKY works also better with Crest. Here is a shot with Crest.
  16. The integration of voice recognition for Across the Seas is almost finished.

  17. Feel free to ask.
  18. Robert, i sent a question your way. 

  19. Hey deutschamark, i have a question?


    1. Deutschmark


      Was it the PM I just answered?


    2. Admiral Waring

      Admiral Waring

      i sent another.

  20. i have a question If you dont mind me asking.
  21. Sry, she will be only available for Across the Seas not for VSF anymore.
  22. When do you think she will be ready for sea? Its a marvelous sub.
  23. Bartolomeus


    Hey Admiral Waring, it's a free model from MadMan's shipyard. Here you can take a look and the models http://www.madshipyard.com/ships.htm ;)
  24. Admiral Waring


    where do you get that ship
  25. Hey Captains, I'm working on voice recognition for standard ship control commands. Also a suggestion from an facebook user, to expand these commands to an AI bridge officer who then execute these orders. What do you think, a useful or more useless feature?
  26. I have decided to change the large Container Ship model to an better looking and nice modeled one. So here is the new Container Ship for Across the Seas. It is currently with largest ship in Across the Seas along with the Ocean Star cruise ship. Marko
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