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VirtualTechArt Design - Intellectual Rights, Ownership and Copyright (including 3d models, textures and renderings)!


- The MODELS AND ALL FILES contained in the archives of an addon or a model are the sole property of their respective authors.


- No member or modeler is allowed to use or copy the work or the part of the work done by another author, unless they obtain a written permission to do so.


- No member or modeler is allowed to ask to a third part for a copy of the work or part of the work done by another author. The only person allowed to distribute a model or an addon or a texture is the author himself, unless the author has clearly stated the file is free to be redistributed by everyone in the readme file of the model or addon or texture.


- By downloading and using any model from any author, you accept to not host the files or the models contained into the archives on any other server than the author's one, to NOT DISTRIBUTE THEM IN ANY WAY (email, private message, disk, hardware, software material...), to not sell them, to not modify, TO NOT USE ANY CONTENT or file(s) included (models, xx files, cfg files, horn.wav sound file and all bmp or jpg textures) into these packages for other models, for other purposes than a use into the programs they're released for (for instance Virtual Sailor, Vehicle Simulator...) or for another person or application or commercial entity, with no limitation of time. BY DOWNLOADING OR INSTALLING the files of an addon or a model, YOU ONLY OBTAIN THE RIGHT TO USE THEM ON YOUR PERSONNAL COMPUTER BUT YOU DON'T OWN THEM. THE USE OF SCREENSHOTS MADE FROM THESE MODELS IS NOT ALLOWED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN SHOWING THEM INTO VEHICLE SIMULATOR or VIRTUAL SAILOR SIMULATION RELATED WEBSITES OR FORUMS. ANY OTHER USE SUCH AS PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL, 3D OR IMAGE PRESENTATIONS, RAISE OF FOUNDS, CALENDARS, SEARCH FOR INVESTORS OR POLITIC INVOLVEMENT, ETC, MUST BE DONE VIA CLEAR and COMPREHENSIVE SALE CONTRACTS BETWEEN THE USER AND THE original AUTHOR or OWNER AND WITH PRIOR WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION OF THE AUTHOR or OWNER OF THE MODEL.


- Any add-on made, released or displayed here must contain copyright information detailing the origin and copyright permission of the model used. If another author is involved, provided written permission is obtained, then clear credits to this author must be given in an accompagning readme file (once released) and clearly mentioned in the Work in Progress thread within the forums.


- VirtualTechArt Design is against any form of copyright violation, does not host and does not allow promotion or presentation of work based upon unclear origins and will remove such work from the forum should it be determined to be a copyright violation or due credits not given to the original author(s).


- Any suspected copyright or intellectual rights violation or ungiven credits should be reported to virtualtechart.com with references to the original work in order to allow us to remove the offending thread or post and perhaps ban the offending member from our forums.


- Provided all the above rules are respected, we support all kind of models or addons and all kinds of work, promotion or distribution (freeware, payware, donationware, shareware, commercial or enthusiast web sites...)

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