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    • Arleigh Burke class destroyer
    • Fire Fighting Boat
    • Across the Seas - Unreal Engine 5.x
    • FGS Magdeburg - K130 Corvette
    • Agile Solution outbound Dover
    • Global Emerald
  • Across the Seas - Maritime Simulation

  • Ship Simulation based on the Unreal Engine 5.X

    Across the Seas is based on the the powerful Unreal Engine 5.x and full integration of AMD FSR 3 technology.

    Complete Maritime Simulation

    Sail your prefered ships in Across the Seas. Choose from a small Sailboat to a giant Container Ship, make your decision!

    Single and Multiplayer Experience

    We want to create an environment for a perfect Single- or Multiplayer based experience. Sail quick missions alone or sail online with other users.

  • Control your favorite type of watercraft!

  • Control large ships like huge Container or Cruise ships. Make your decision of your favorite type of ship.

    …you are not limit to civilian type of ships. You can also sail different Naval ships in Across the Seas.

    And of course, later Across the Seas also offers the possibility to control Submarines.

  • Core Features of Across the Seas.

  • Single and Multiplayer based experience. Play alone or sail missions with other users.

    All type of maritime vessels, from civilian to naval vessels, from surface ships to submarines.

    Living platform, not a single released game. We want to a create a living platform with updated content and new challenges.

    Moddable Game. Create and sail your own created maritime vessels.

  • If you want to take a look, you can download try the free alpha to for a test sail in Across the Seas. Please visit the forum thread for more information and the download link for the alpha version.

    Community forums, join and discuss with other users or ask the developers about anything you want to know about the simulato

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