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Hi Captains,

For all who want to test Across the Seas - Unity3d based Ship Simulation, I have decided to release a alpha version. So I can get more feedback about the sim and especially about the performance. I will update this version during the development. Currently I have implemented the Dover Calais area. Most things in Calais are done and Dover is currently under development. Cape Town is in as a preview and also the shipyard scene.

For the watercraft's, not all have currently a bridge interior or working instruments. Also features like the anchoring or mooring systems are not final and also in active development. And an important thing is are the physics, I changed a lot things here in the last weeks. So be aware of some strange behavior ;) , I need to adjust the physics for the different watercraft's.

Feel free to post shots of the sim or give feedback or suggestions here.


Across the Seas - Alpha What is possible or not

  • Test sails in Dover / Calais area
  • Cape Town and a virtual shipyard is implemented as a preview
  • Weather and Time of Day is ready
  • No AI traffic or multiplayer
  • No missions or career mode
  • Minimap system needs a bit more details
  • Mooring and anchoring are not ready

Know Issues

  • Watercraft physics need more adjustments
  • Strange physics in some cases of higher sea states
  • Not all watercraft's have interiors at the moment
  • Not all watercraft's have lights
  • Shallow water areas need a bit more work
  • Harbor areas do not have colliders at the moment
  • Mooring physics are not ready
  • New FPS mode is currently in internal testing phase

Download link:


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The first patch for the alpha is out.

v0.03100 Changelog

Core Engine


  • Updated core engine to Unity 2019.3.10
  • Updated water engine
  • Update of the shipyard scene added
  • Fixed issue with loading screen
  • Fixed some bugs with the UI




  • Improved FPS counter
  • Fixed bloom and blur effects
  • Scaled down shadow effect for performance
  • Removed shadows for smoke effect for better fps




  • Updated engine management
  • Counter-rotating engines are now working
  • Fixed a bug that throttle applies before engine start
  • Watercraft's have now a fuel system with weight
  • Fixed issues with wake effect strength (hopefully)
  • Changes to watercraft physics
  • Fixes for Global Emerald model Regards Marko



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Hello Captains,
The next version of my ship simulator Across the Seas is released. It's the first version with Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline.
Core Engine
  • Updated core engine to Unity 2020.1.Beta 12
  • Changed folder for saved Screenshots to root game folder
  • Updated Crest Ocean to version 4.2 HDRP
  • Switched to Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline
  • Added new options menu
  • Graphic options are now saved in options.ini file under data folder
  • New Bloom and Ambient Occlusion Post Processing effects added
  • Currently not all Post Processing effects available
  • New physics for Agile, German Patrol Boat and the Arleigh Burke destroyer
  • Preview interiors added for Container and Cruise Ship
  • Added bow particle effect for performance tests, visual look is not final
  • Removed vegetation from Dover Calais scenery, need to be regenerate later




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