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  1. Thanks for releasing Across the Seas as free alpha-version, finally a new and modern ship / naval simulator in development. There arent many "real" ship / boat simulators out there. The most ship simulators on steam are just some cheap acarde games with unrealistic physics and no modding possibilities (Ship Simulator extremes etc.). The only more realistic simulator wich has a player community with mods is vehicle simulator (VHS) wich was released 2009 or so and since then was the most played "real" ship simulator. But the engine is outdated and also there are many bugs and limitations because of this. For example, VHS dosent supports dynamic lighting and only allows a limited amount of animations on an ship model. Also, VHS has problems when a ship model file is to large and detailed etc. The water / weather physics of VHS are also not that good, the wave height in habour and on sea is always the same and in stormy seas, you sometimes just "jump" with your ship over the waves. Multiplayer on VHS is also an issue, joining a server is often buggy. Lastly, the developer of VHS dosent seem to fix any of the bugs or even upgrade the game to modern standarts. The development of VHS seems to be dead. Across the Seas looks promising and modern, like it could replace VHS one day and everone from VHS will then switch to Across the Seas. Things wich are already better in Across the Seas are: Firstly, using Unity engine the graphics are much better and there are more possibilities for functions on the ship models (animations, effects, textures etc.) One ship even has an animated anchor. The water physics are better (differnt wave heights in port and out on sea) and overall the enviorment (sun, clouds etc.) looks more realistic. I am excited to see the further development and updates of Across the Seas.
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