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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Captains, For all who want to test Across the Seas - Unity3d based Ship Simulation, I have decided to release a alpha version. So I can get more feedback about the sim and especially about the performance. I will update this version during the development. Currently I have implemented the Dover Calais area. Most things in Calais are done and Dover is currently under development. Cape Town is in as a preview and also the shipyard scene. For the watercraft's, not all have currently a bridge interior or working instruments. Also features like the anchoring or mooring systems are not final and also in active development. And an important thing is are the physics, I changed a lot things here in the last weeks. So be aware of some strange behavior , I need to adjust the physics for the different watercraft's. Feel free to post shots of the sim or give feedback or suggestions here. Across the Seas - Alpha What is possible or not Test sails in Dover / Calais area Cape Town and a virtual shipyard is implemented as a preview Weather and Time of Day is ready No AI traffic or multiplayer No missions or career mode Minimap system needs a bit more details Mooring and anchoring are not ready Know Issues Watercraft physics need more adjustments Strange physics in some cases of higher sea states Not all watercraft's have interiors at the moment Not all watercraft's have lights Shallow water areas need a bit more work Harbor areas do not have colliders at the moment Mooring physics are not ready New FPS mode is currently in internal testing phase Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiiALzvCn_FFiZ09fMR6S0FgTHAwGg?e=BkbURZ Regards Marko
  2. The official list of ships and scenery which will be included in Across the Seas. It's not final and it still can change until the final release of AtS. List of included Ships Ships included in the Tech Demo Agile Solution - Multi-purpose Cargo ship Baltic Venture - Coastal bulk carrier FGS Puma S-72 - German Navy Fast Attack Craft (missile boat) FLB-23 small fire fighting boat Kutter - small fishing vessel Global Emerald - Medium sized PSV KNM Skjold - P960 Royal Norwegian Navy stealth missile corvette Ocean Sovereign - Large Container ship Ocean Star - Cruise ship (based on the Regal Princess) Pegasus - Harbor Tugboat USS Freedom LCS 1 - Littoral Combat Ship USS Mahan DDG 72 - Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer Ships to be added later (Release Version) MS Finnstar Ropax Ferry LNG Tanker USS Gettysburg CG-64 Ticonderoga class Aegis Cruiser Cruise Ships - to be announced Some Leisure boats - to be announced Tugboat - to be announced Container Ships - to be announced Submarines - to be announced more to be announced List of included Sceneries Dover / Calais - included in the tech demo Cape Town - included in the tech demo Rostock - Gedser - included in the next release of the tech demo more to be announced Regards Marko
  3. You can post your screenshots of the Across the Seas alpha version under the post here.
  4. Hi All, Across the Seas is also shown in the newest Simul's (the creators of trueSKY) Blog Post. You can take a look here:
  5. Hello Captains, Sry for the silence, but we are working hard on the sim. We have reworked the whole scenery loading for the sim, the scenery loads now via a streaming system. That system allows us to create very big sceneries without the annoying floating point error in Unity. We have also integrated the scenery streaming to the Dover / Calais area. Our Dover / Calais has a size of 50km². Now we have splitted the area in 64 quads with a size of 6.25km² and these quads are reloaded according to the position of the player. Another advantage is, we can create more dense scenery of the harbours. In the first picture you can see the terrain in the lower right corner. On the second picture after staying on course 270 new quads on the left side are loaded and the other quads on the right side are deloaded.
  6. First In-Game tests of our new Fishing Boat (German Type D) model in Across the Seas. Length: 17.6m Beam: 5.6m Draft: 1.91m Some impressions of the fishing vessel in the port of Calais. Marko
  7. The Gepard class was Germany’s last class of missile bearing fast attack crafts. The 143A class is an evolution of the old Albatros 143 class. General characteristics Displacement: 391 tons Length: 189 ft (57.60m) Beam: 25.7 ft (7.80m) Draft: 8.6 ft (2.60m) Propulsion: four Diesel Engines MTU 956 TB 91 With 13.235kW (17.748hp) Speed: 40 kn Complement: 5 Officers, 31 Enlisted Armament: 1x Oto Melara (Breda) 76mm 4x MM38 Exocet anti-ship missiles 1x RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) launcher, 21 cells 2x MG50-1 machine guns Mine laying capability
  8. Welcome to Across the Seas, a Unreal Engine based maritime Simulator. Core Feature of the Sim. Single and Multiplayer based experience. All type of maritime Vessels, from civilian to naval vessels, from surface ships to submarines. Moddable Game. Create and sail your own created maritime vessels. Living platform, not a single released game. We want to a create a living platform with updated content and new challenges. Import your own created Ships. Import and sail your own created ships. We are working on the implementation of an FBX file importer. So you can create and share your ships with the community. Create your model with the 3d program of your choice. FBX is not limit to 3ds Max or Maya, you can also use Blender to create your ship models. We also evaluate the possibility to allow user-created sceneries. Control your favorite type of ship. Control large ships like huge Container or Cruise ships. Not limit to civilian type of ships. You can also sail different Naval ships in Across the Seas. And of course, AtS offers the possibility to control Submarines. Regards Marko
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