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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Captains, the new and website for my upcoming Across the Seas - Simulator Project goes live. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Sim, you can write me via the integrated forum. For all my other projects like my 3d models or Vehicle Simulator Addons, I will continue to promote and publish these products here. Regards Marko
  2. Welcome to Across the Seas, a Unreal Engine based maritime Simulator. Core Feature of the Sim. Single and Multiplayer based experience. All type of maritime Vessels, from civilian to naval vessels, from surface ships to submarines. Moddable Game. Create and sail your own created maritime vessels. Living platform, not a single released game. We want to a create a living platform with updated content and new challenges. Import your own created Ships. Import and sail your own created ships. We are working on the implementation of an FBX file importer. So you can create and share your ships with the community. Create your model with the 3d program of your choice. FBX is not limit to 3ds Max or Maya, you can also use Blender to create your ship models. We also evaluate the possibility to allow user-created sceneries. Control your favorite type of ship. Control large ships like huge Container or Cruise ships. Not limit to civilian type of ships. You can also sail different Naval ships in Across the Seas. And of course, AtS offers the possibility to control Submarines. Regards Marko
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