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VSF Submarines Addons.

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  1. More information about "209 Sub Hellenic Navy"


    209 Sub Hellenic Navy

    209-1100 (Glafkos Class) Submarine for Hellenic Navy
    This submarine dates back to the Virtual Sailor Days. I had sent it to only a few VS Forum friends who could actually appreciate military vehicles and submarines in particular. She has been altered and prepared for VSF and is dedicated to this friendly site and its administrator.
    Weapons (VSF add-on):
    1 SonarPing (Sound Effect only)
    2XSHKVAL super fast guided torpedoes
    2XSUT guided torpedoes
    2XMK14 unguided torpedoes
    2XDM2A4 guided torpedoes
    This boat has elements. She comes with a fully functional interior (control room). The boat features many animations in order to resemble the functionality of a real sub within the limits of VSF.
    Animated parts as follows:
    Glass Windscreen: Appears-Disappears with Ctrl-A
    Flag with pole: Raised and Lowered with Ctrl-D
    Periscopes (Search & Attack): Raised and Lowered with PgUp-PgDn
    ESM and Rotating Radar: Appear-Disappear with Ins-Del
    Snorkel Mast: Lowered and Raised as Sliding Door (With Mouse on OR Shift-S for animations panel and then press Slide Doors)
    The guided torpedoes can lock on targets and be fired.
    All of the instruments are specifically designed and implemented for this unique model. Try to view the interior in the darkness to experience the emmissive panel. 
    Realistic sounds have been included for a true immersive submarine experience.
    Many credits go to George Mastrogeorgiou for the realistic textures of the hull and also for the finishing touch in the 3D model itself.
    Credits go to Sppokymufu ( I guess) for some of the instruments. It's been so many years that I don't remember for sure, but I think that some of the instruments come from Spookymufu's subs.


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  2. More information about "EMC Mine"


    EMC Mine

    This add-on simulates an influence mine. Although it sounds awkward it works!
    The mine is actually a submarine inside VSF, in the size and shape of a EMC mine (German WWII mine). In order to work it must be loaded with the "mine.txt" script that comes in this package. The mine can be drifted or moored, surfaced or submerged. The tricky part is to adjust the correct depth with proper ballast. You may use the "Minefield" situation as a starting point. Once loaded with the script the mine stays in position and waits. Once a surface or sub contact enters in a range of 40 yards (measured from the center of the ship) the mine fires its own weapon which explodes immediately. The mine then breaks and explodes completing the effect. The blow is devastating and can lift a ship off the surface of the sea. The engagement range (sensitivity of mine) can be adjusted inside the script.txt. Just tweak the number that comes after "range"
    Bonus Pack: My version of a great white shark to populate your VSF worlds.




  3. More information about "USS San Juan"


    USS San Juan

    This is my USS San Juan SSN 751 688(i) for VSF.

    Realistic textures, working scopes and bridge details, working Mk48 homing torpedoes, BMG 109 Tomahawk Cruise missiles




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