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Status Updates posted by Bartolomeus

  1. New Alpha update is coming soon for Across the Seas.

  2. Thinking about to switch to Unity's HD Renderpipeline. ?

  3. Across the Seas, now with a new water engine and better weather effects.

  4. The integration of voice recognition for Across the Seas is almost finished.

  5. Working on Dover/Calais scenery for Across the Seas.

  6. Working on the last stages of the new Finnstar UV mapping.

  7. Ok, the next release is the MS Finnstar for VSF.

    1. Clayton A. Byfield

      Clayton A. Byfield

      I've been waiting for her :)

  8. Puma interior and exterior model is done. The release is very close now. ;)

  9. KNM Skjold for VSF released.

  10. I have decided to make a new VSF product. More and official announcement soon!

  11. USS Nebraska is available at Turbosquid. :)

  12. Working on a new sub project. ;)

  13. Texturing of the Instrumentation of the Finnstar.

    1. Ritwik


      That's nice! :D

  14. Star Citizen...the last 120 minutes..only 45.000$

  15. Star Citizen raised over 4.3 million! world record for a crowdfunding project.

  16. Star Citizen....only 60.000 to the 4 million

  17. Finnstar...most of the texture works done...now improving the bridge

  18. reworking the Finnstar textures!

  19. working on Cavalla's Mk 117 FCS

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