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OSA I class missile boat 1.0.0

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About This File

This is OSA I class missile boat for VSF. The Osa class is probably the most numerous class of missile boats ever built, with over 400 vessels constructed between 1960–1973 for both the Soviet Navy and for export to allied countries.

This boat has elements. She bears an animated flag and a working radar. She also has animations:

CTRL-A: Open & Close the 4 launcher-box lids.
CTRL-D: Open & Close the bridge door.
Pg Up - Pg Down: Lower and Raise the bow flag pole.
The missile launcher is animated and it can be raised prior to missile firing with Ctrl-A.
This boat carries 4 SS-N-2 (Styx) missiles with accurate specs (as much as possible). They can lock on targets and be fired.
Just make sure that prior to the missile launch you face your target ship with a relative bearing -25 degrees up to 25 degrees off your bow. You can fire the missiles from the weapons panel or by bringing up the HUD (Shift-H) so that you can hear the lock on sound.
The AK-230 guns are also playable and loaded with near to real life data (inside the weapon.cfg).

A broken.x version is also included for dramatic sinking.
Finally this vehicle has instruments on 2 bridges (inner and outer) In general she is fun to play with.

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