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PLAN Luoyang 1.0.1

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About This File

This is a Jiangwei II class Frigate (Luoyang-527)  for VSF.

This boat has elements. She comes with a basic but functional bridge. The boat features animated hand-rails for helipad. The animation is activated with Ctrl-A. She bears an animated Chinese flag and she has one standard VSF rotating radar. Other animations also exist: Sliding Hangar door (mouse on and slide sideways), Bridge doors (Ctrl-D), Bow Flagpole (PgUp-PgDn).

This boat carries 4 YJ-83 Surface missiles that can lock on targets and be fired. 
Just make sure that prior to the missile launch your target ship is in your beam with a relative bearing 65 degrees up to 115 degrees off your bow.
You can fire the missiles from the weapons panel or by bringing up the HUD (Shift-H) so that you can hear the lock on sound. 
Other weapons are also playable and loaded with near to real life data (inside the weapon.cfg).

Realistic sounds have been included (engine, interior, start, stop).

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


A new vehicle.x file is available. It corrects the abnormal behavior of the bow flagpole. Now the pole stays in its position (axis corrected) and can be lowered and raised with PgUp - PgDn in a more natural manner. You only need to replace the vehicle.x file inside the PLAN_Luoyang folder.

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