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  1. I get 50 FPS You guys should be able to get around the same my computer is really basic, its converted the same ways the USS Nimitz is so she is pretty light on FPS so you guys should be good
  2. Update: Got the Poly Count Down Alot:
  3. Hey Bart are your Naval Vessels Completed? I remembered you estimated summer 2013. I would love to sail those beautiful Ships together!
  4. Ok Deutch Say i wanted to do lights like this how would i do it i get the coordinates thing its just a little confusing on what i wanted http://fav.me/d42c7nq This is what i was looking at see the name being iluminated how would i do that
  5. I have never seen that
  6. Lol sounds complicated can u make a little tutorial if u have time? Thanks so much for all your help so far I truly appreciate it! I'm off to bed. Have good day/night! Sincerely, Devin Rodrigues
  7. how do i do that tho?
  8. Yup Thanks Guys for all your help! Actually Im wondering now how to make the lights appear in VSF the ship already glows on parts i need it to glow but there glow the lights are supposed give off sor to say illuminate the Hull Name and Number How do i do those?
  9. Hull is all patched up and so is her Paint Job Ready for Warp... Punch It.
  10. Ok Found Out the Problems Arrialp had informed me the reason the texture is translucent is because i had a "_" in the name of the texture all though when i fixed it the background matched the color of the Kelvins Plates but not plated. Ok I also found the little section there is inverted so i ineed to revese that fase but i cant flip it with out flipping the whole thing
  11. Sure is his Model, The USS Kelvin is my Favorite Starship in the whole Star Trek Series. Too bad her fate. Anyway Im going to try some of the mentioned things
  12. i did both they are still missing
  13. So what about the Missing part of the hull
  14. Its not part of the hull texture its a texture layed on top of the other
  15. Ok thanks No the file is Maya Originally. I have a .x exporter for 3Ds Max 2013 i dont have 2012 or earlier the format currently of the translucent files is PNG so that may be the issue but still the will the black show up?
  16. Hello Guys I have the following 3D Software Programs: -Visual Enterprise Author (Deep Exploration) -3Ds Max 2013 -Maya 2014 -Sketch-Up Pro Im new to Maya and have a model i want to convert to VSF (.x) but i dont know how any help would be great. DE works but the Textures mess up in VSF from that converter im hoping that it wont happen with Maya Conversion. So i figured out how to convert it but the problem is the same this is what i am experiencing.. The Text on the Sauser reads: USS Kelvin and NCC-0514 but there is for some reason a problem in the middle of the black letters where it becomes transparent when only the white part of the picture is supposed to be transparent which it is but the black is supposed to be there Second Problem, random Hole in the Hull I cant fix it i dont know why
  17. I know But can be expanded
  18. I Really beileve this game has potential. From what i found out i have talked to the man who first thought of Wavelore and its a very small company not at all like VSTEP but their clients Reach from General Dynamics (BIW), Northropp Grumman, Lockheed Martin and various Universities and such. The Company is only about 10 strong at most. He told me, he is a retired US Navy Quartermaster. Really cool people and not as arrogant other companies. I say this in reference to VSTEP although considering my vessel it took more than enough effort to get them to reply.
  19. Hey Guys check out this stunning Simulator http://www.angleinc.com/wavelore/ I think it would be amazing game!
  20. Yes that lol, I was wondering if you were going to put in on ur model it was a bit of a pain in the But for me to do but worth it!
  21. If you mean the Aft Helicopter bad No. I mean the Hanger bay itself has dip to it a slight downward ) Shape: on the roof/deck above it with the Vt launchers
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