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  1. Yeah,Navy vessels are always very welcome,all Countries.The ideal would be to find out the right platform and recreate 3D ships with at least 7 or 8 walkable stations + decks of course. My dream is a complex CV involving its entire air wing.
  2. Well,first of all I have to tell that I have no design skills virtually talking,so this is just an idea. To support a stable platform where to develop all kind of ships and naval sceneries.Thought that DCS is a quite good one because there are already some air projects in development but nothing concerning Naval Warfare,seen from a first person view. Perhaps if some talented modellers/programmers interested on that sim could be joined,an awesome job could be done in a long term. As for ARMA3 Bart,I dont know the game itself but who knows, it could work aswell.
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to show you this; http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/ . Well,was wondering if could be around this web any interest in developing accurate 3D vessels+ its detection/weapon systems to start bringing alive the naval environment for this particular simulator. Imagine the future,ships from several countries and eras ranging from the Cold War to our days,submarines,frigates,destroyers,cruisers,carriers,assault ships,all them highly detailed and controlable,built from scratch step by step on a virtual shipyards. Also,new sceneries could be added like ports and naval bases later on. What you think about?
  4. Oh jesus!! This is really what we need in conjunction with a full Global coverage.
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could be interested about developing a series of accurate conventional Carriers for Vehicle Sim,and also being usable into AI Ships for FSX. A quite good start would be the 4 refit 80s Forrestal class, but the CV67 JFK, USS Kitty Hawk and Constellation would be very welcome aswell. Regards.
  6. Hey Bart, Ive been thinking about your excellent models and wanted to ask if the interiors will be quite complex. Could be interesting,not just implementing Control Room and Bridges,but Captain or Officers room, CIC Station,Torpedo compartment....... Also,is there somehow to connect different stations via latch doors? I mean not crossing the walls like ghosts do. Some kind of wall stop,you know what I mean. Regards.
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