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  1. While playing vehicle simulator i discovered that certain aircrafts have hooks but i have no idea what they are fo.r Does anybody know what it is used for ?
  2. Thanks you see im trying to get a part of the Himalaya for VSF because i thought that it will be cool to hang glide from such a high altitude! No generated objects needed.
  3. A few months ago i downloaded 3DEM to try to create my own type of scenery but turns out it was too complicated and i did not know whereto find the right files so i was wandering if anybody here know how to create a proper scenery using 3DEM
  4. i understand what you are saying robert but for me that only applied for virtual simulator but in vehicle simulator framework you are allowed to download as much add-ons as you want but with a time limit of 180 seconds so i thought with so many vehicles and scenery the only difference between the demo and the full game i think is in the full game you get unlimited time! so why should i get the full game? Though i still wish that i could make the game longer
  5. I got the vehicle simulator demo which is only 180 seconds long!! I have 200 vehicles and 62 scenery's but i cant enjoy it because of the short period of time so this might be crazy but does anybody know what you can do to extend the demo time-please this will help me a lot!!
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