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  1. Robert, i sent a question your way. 

  2. Sorry it's been so long :/ Robert
  3. New link with the latest versions of the ships added
  4. Just a few from me, really need to start being more active on here :/ Robert
  5. Nice work! Looking forward to seeing the finished thing
  6. At the moment, I'm not planning on releasing the latest version of the ship for Virtual sailor, I've taken the older version down for the time being as there are problems with the VS version of the ship. I may add the VS version in a few months.
  7. Thanks Marko! Been updating the rest of the fleet with the new livery too Also been working on Condor Ferries new HSC Condor Liberation separate topic on her soon Robert
  8. Arriving the 1st March The latest and possibly the final version of Britannia Robert
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