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Found 4 results

  1. Show your games Screenshots here.
  2. You can post your screenshots of the Across the Seas alpha version under the post here.
  3. Pictures of the upcoming game Anteworld (Outerra engine). The Outerra engine is a really amazing planetary render engine. And Anteworld will be the first game with the Outerra engine. Which is currently in development by the creators of the engine. For more information please visit the official homepage. A limited demo version is available for testing. You can also spend 15$ and you will recieve a enhanced test version with a Cessna airplane an Apache Helicopter and a model importer to import and test your own Addons. I think the Outerra engine is very powerful and I'm looking forward to the development process. The S-72 Puma in Outerra. Picture in High Quality. Picture in High Quality. Picture in High Quality. The USS Cavalla. Marko
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