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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Captains, Here are some news of #AcrosstheSeas. Currently I'm working on the prototype of the sim in the upcoming Unreal Engine 5 (actually 5.1 ). Most of the work is at the moment to improve the watercraft physics in UE. One of the next things is to get back the 2d panel and the first person view. At the same time I'm working on the scenery design. For the first new demos of the sim, I will include all 3 sceneries that are also available in the current Unity alpha version. So Dover/Calais, Rostock Baltic Sea scenery and the harbor area of Cape Town will be included. The new 64bit floating precision in UE 5.1 works really good so far. So no more origin shifting for larger sceneries are necessary. This is really a big deal and this is the next step to allow very large sceneries. I did a first test with the an earth scaled planet done and it works really well. One of the most important thing is to find a good solution for wake effects in Unreal. This feature is currently completely missing in the sim. Thank you to all, for your amazing support. I will do my best, to get done a first Unreal demo of the sim. Regards Marko
  2. 401 downloads

    If you have the first Canvas Knights Public Beta delete it as its out of date as of this new beta 2 game and can not be updated or modded like this new beta2 game can. First I would like to say, if you are looking for a hard core simulation then please go look else where, as Canvas Knights was never meant to be a hard core simulation. Canvas Knights is a modder friendly game, it is meant for creating and having fun with while being rapped up in a WW1 environment. This free version of CK was made at my request so that you all that have been waiting for the game can have something to try and play with, the developer / game engine owner said that he would not give out a full game for free so he has made some cuts in this free version of CK and I will explain below. Cuts and Limitations; Only aircraft are in this free version and there is 10 of them 5 each side 3 fighters and 2 two seat, one ground two seat and one water two seat. Vehicle Options; Vehicle options have been set and locked. This means, unlimited ammo is on, vehicle labels are on, tool tips are on, you can not fly through hangers or under bridges. This free version is so you can have a look and play around with CK, try out online and off line, have a feel of the flight model, have a look at the damage model, ( talk a plane and smash it into the ground and look at what happens ) this free version is also modable, you can do skins and sounds only needing your paint program or sound program, if you want to make, missions, maps or vehicles / planes then you need Vehicle Simulator to do it, its a paid program and you can get that here; http://www.hangsim.com/vsf/ To install; Unzip with folder names on inside the ( Ckpbeta2 ) folder you will find the Canvas_Knights_Beta2 folder, just drag and drop that folder on to any hard drive, then go inside that folder and go to the ( How to use the game ) folder there is lots of info in there for you to get to know. If you are running on win 7 you might need to make a shortcut to the exe and run in XP compatibility mode. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legal stuff, end user license agreement terms and conditions. Terms and conditions of this software and other modders models, textures and sounds. There have been some discussions about the issue of re using models, textures and sounds made by other modders or the software itself and re uploading them as your mod or even porting them over to another software / game. These are our guidelines about these issues, these guidelines should be respected by all add-on makers for benefit of protecting your work: 1. No one is allowed to disassemble, reverse engineer or copy the work done by us or another author / modder, this includes: a) Models in the form of x file in whole or part, made in part of any add-on or the software itself. Decode models in the form of xx files in whole or part, made inside any add-ons or the software itself. c) Re use textures in whole or part found inside any add-on or inside the software itself. d) Re use sounds in whole or part found inside any add-on or inside the software itself. 2. Any add-on made, should contain clear copyright information detailing its origin and copyright permission of the model, texture or sounds used. 3. Files without copyright permission and clear origin cannot be accepted as official add-ons, and cannot be hosted on this website or related repositories sites. 5. The makers of this game are against any form of copyright violation and will not host work based upon unclear origins and will remove such work from this website or related repositories sites should it be determined as a copyright violation. 6. Any proven copyright violation should be reported to us directly, please provide link to the original and re used files so we can trace the origin and remove the offending file. 7, We do not allow the use of these so called free model site models as there is to much controversy that surrounds them, therefor they will not be allowed on this website or related repositories sites and will be removed. 8, No one is allowed to use in whole or part any modders addon models, textures and sounds and port them over to another software / game violation of this will be dealt with at the fullest extent of the law. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About the Canvas Knights software stock game models, textures and sounds. 1, Any modder can use them for making a Canvas Knights mod / addon only! 2, No one is allowed to use in whole or part the Canvas Knights software stock game models, textures and sounds and port them over to another software / game violation of this will be dealt with at the fullest extent of the law. Canvas Knights © 2013, is a product from Ilan Papini and John Marco. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you click to download this Canvas Knights software you then have agreed to the end user license agreement terms and conditions above. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you all enjoy the CK beta2 modable game. See you over the mud! Deutschmark
  3. Lockheed Martin releases some new informations and preview pictures about the progress of Prepar3d v2 development. V2 comes with weather condition and wind speed based 3d waves. And the main feature is the updated rendering engine from DirectX9 to DirectX11. Prepar3d v2 news Marko
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