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FGS S-72 Puma - German Navy FAC for Vehicle Simulator V1.1


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The next Vehicle Simulator Addon is available for purchase. The German Navy fast attack craft FGS S-72 Puma.




The Puma is a boat of the German Navy’s Gepard S143A class. This class is Germany’s the last class of missile bearing fast attack crafts.
The 143A class is an evolution of the Albatros 143 class. It is planned to replace this class with the new Braunschweig-class corvettes in the 2020s. The ships in class are named after small predatory animals.

General characteristics
Displacement: 391 tons
Length: 189 ft (57.60m)
Beam: 25.7 ft (7.80m)
Draft: 8.6 ft (2.60m)
Propulsion: four Diesel Engines MTU 956 TB 91
With 13.235kW (17.748hp)
Speed: 40 kn
Complement: 5 Officers, 31 Enlisted
Armament: 1x Oto Melara (Breda) 76mm
4x MM38 Exocet anti-ship missiles
1x RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) launcher, 21 cells
2x MG50-1 machine guns
Mine laying capability

Model Highlights
- Bridge interior (bridge and engineering control station)
- Custom instruments
- Working weapons
(Oto Melara 76mm, 4x Exocet, RAM Launcher, 2x 12,7mm)
- Custom sounds
- Ctrl + A activates the animated slinger windows on the bridge
- extra controllable vehicle: German Navy Rubber Dinghy included in this package

- animated flag

It is recommended to set the Limit ammunition settings in the vehicle option menu.

Special thanks to AndyMahn (from vKfS) for the elements.cfg file. And to Deutschmark for testing over the build period.






















© Copyright 2013 Marko Barthel – VirtualTechArt Design

Edited by Bartolomeus
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Hi all,I bought this model but I rudders under water not turning !!!??? in two models(FGS_Puma,FGS_S-77_Dachs)  - to the left or right


What is the i have problem????


im reinstal addon,s but not working rudders turning (under water) but ship turn well  

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That is really odd. Deutschmark has the same problem. But for two other testers it works also without any problem. Please give me two or three days for a version with the rudders as parts. I will add this version to the product page and users who bought the addon can download it.



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ok I have added a rudder patch for those customers who have no working rudders. To download this patch click on download at the product page and download the "Rudder_Patch".

Unzip the file and copy the content into the Puma and Dachs addons.


Note: Only customers who have no working rudders need to install this patch!




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I've released a patch for the Puma & Dachs addon. This patch is for Vehicle Simulator 2.6.4 and higher versions. You can download the patch at the product page.
Unzip the file and copy and past all files to both the Puma and Dachs folder.

- corrected rotation axes of the radar for VSF 2.6.4 or higher

Thanks to johopp for reporting the issue.


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