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FLB 23, Firefighting Boat for Vehicle Simulator


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The FLB 23-7 from AndyMahn is for Ilan Papini's Vehicle Simulator Framework.



The FLB-23 (Feuerloeschboot 23) is a fire-fighting boat orginally build in East Germany in 1973 (Yachtwerft Berlin, Project 1320). It is used to fighting fires on floating and coastal objects.

Length:           23,22m
Beam:             4,58/ 4,71m
Draft:              1,58m
Displacement: 54,20t
Propulsion:      two Diesel Engines with 508PS
Speed:            15kn

















© Copyright 2013 Marko Barthel / AndyMahn – VirtualTechArt Design



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  • 8 years later...

Very nice boat. I bought and test it.

But the model dont work in vehicles simulator, but he work on virtual sailor NG.

The model is good, and have nice textures. No error in spawn bur missing thumbnail. (VS-NG)

The model dont spawn or spawn but no appear. (VSF)

And i find the boat too long. He move in 10 - 11 KT (knots)

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