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Hi Marko, glad you like the ISS, I have a Space Shuttle, Russian Soyuz and a MMU also others, the thing is am having some game problems with space flight in VSF and I dont know if I will be able to over come them, I will for sure try my best to over come the problems, VSF was really not ment for space flight other then to go up and come right back down but not to just hang there in space like the ISS would do, but I have found after you go to 100,000,00 meters you will not fall back to earth but then just the opposite happens you start to clime and so far am at 370,000,00 meters and still going up :blink: am just about even with the in game sun... :D I been going at mach 35 plus :o and the alt meter on the HUD runs so fast its a bluer most times unless I pause the game, but am going to give it my best try to get it to work some how..

BTW, nice shots RN and Marko :)

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Thanks RN glad you like it also, I just hope I can get it to work right, I have a thought of making its top alt at 120,000,00 meters just over the 100,000,00 meters mark and see if it will just stay there, if it does the where good to go even though its a little higher then it should be, if it dont stay there and just hang out then am not sure what to do next but I will try my best.

Another nice shot RN. :)

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Yes...this is true John. I had asked Ilan about the implementation of small improvements. But unfortunately he has none thing implemented in VSF. :unsure:

I hope of Anteworld from Outerra. I think the potential of this engine is really enormous! And we have the chance to follow the development. And ask for game related things.


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