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  1. This is a remake of my ship "RENB CAGARRO", it´s around one weak away from release, hope you like it.
  2. This my new project an heavy load cargo ship, lots of work ahead, hope you enjoy
  3. Hi, i´m releasing this boat, after many hours of modeling, this is a small tanker called RENB Cagarro Donwload Here http://vsf-shipyard.blogspot.pt/2013/11/tanker-renab-cagarro.html Some Pic´s
  4. Thanks here is another pic, this time boat is with textures http://postimg.org/image/8ul8i178z/
  5. This is my second boat, it´s almost on final stage, some pics. attachment=22:ADASD.jpg]
  6. Thanks for the replies, i'm looking forward to release this addon, this is my first big dimensions boat i made, so i´m very happy with your feedback. Renato
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