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  1. Dear Robert, First of all I wish you a happy new year And wooow what a piece of work this beautiful Brittania thanks so much!!! Cheers Basile
  2. Thanks Robert ! Yeah I was thinking about your package. I've downloaded the ones from the library thanks for the tip I will sail with them around carribean now Enjoy New Year's Eve Cheers, Basile
  3. Hi Robert, Again a titanic work thanks a lot for this. Do you have the link of the disney cruise ship somewhere ? no way to find a working link thanks in advance Happy new year Basile
  4. Dear Robert, Wow Sydney and P&O ships almost at the same time ? so cool thanks a loooot for this Cheers, Basile
  5. Hi Robert, Again a state of the art scenery thanks so much for your work!! Best Wishes? Basile
  6. Basilem84

    MS Arcadia

    Hello Venjsx, I know this thread is already old but I wanted to try Thanks for all your beautiful ships but I0m unable to find a link to download the MS Arcadia. Please help me. Thanks Best regards, Basile
  7. Hi Robert, First of all I want to thank you for you all your beautiful sceneries they are beautiful Have them all. I saw you're sailing with the Queen Mary 2 on a few of your pictures. I'm desperate to find a working download link for this boat. Can you help me please ? All the link looks to be dead sadly. Thanks a lot in advance Best regards B
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