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List of included Ships and Sceneries

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The official list of ships and scenery which will be included in Across the Seas. It's not final and it still can change until the final release of AtS.

List of included Ships


Ships included in the Tech Demo

  • Agile Solution Multi-purpose Cargo ship
  • FGS Puma S-72 - German Navy Fast Attack Craft (missile boat)
  • FLB-23 small fire fighting boat
  • Kutter - small fishing vessel
  • Global Emerald - Medium sized PSV
  • KNM Skjold - P960 Royal Norwegian Navy stealth missile corvette
  • Ocean Sovereign - Large Container ship
  • Ocean Star - Cruise ship (based on the Regal Princess)
  • USS Freedom LCS 1 - Littoral Combat Ship
  • USS Mahan DDG 72 - Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer


Ships to be added later (Release Version)

  • MS Finnstar Ropax Ferry
  • LNG Tanker
  • USS Gettysburg CG-64 Ticonderoga class Aegis Cruiser
  • Cruise Ships - to be announced
  • Some Leisure boats - to be announced
  • Tugboat - to be announced
  • Container Ships - to be announced
  • Submarines - to be announced
  • more to be announced


List of included Sceneries

  • Dover / Calais - included in the TechDemo
  • Cape Town - included in the TechDemo
  • Rostock - Gedser - included in the Release version
  • more to be announced






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