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New scenery feature, scenery streaming.

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Hello Captains,


Sry for the silence, but we are working hard on the sim. We have reworked the whole scenery loading for the sim, the scenery loads now via a streaming system. That system allows us to create very big sceneries without the annoying floating point error in Unity. We have also integrated the scenery streaming to the Dover / Calais area. Our Dover / Calais has a size of 50km². Now we have splitted the area in 64 quads with a size of 6.25km² and these quads are reloaded according to the position of the player. Another advantage is, we can create more dense scenery of the harbours.


In the first picture you can see the terrain in the lower right corner.


On the second picture after staying on course 270 new quads on the left side are loaded and the other quads on the right side are deloaded.

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