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Help regarding a Hull


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I need help regarding how to create a good hull for a cruise ship in sketch-up. I am just a beginner, I've created a cruise before. I will post her image in this thread soon. I need to create a good new hull, I want to also create a hull for a RMS Queen Mary based liner. Hope that I get help, I found videos on YouTube but non of them were helping to create me a accurate hull. Remember, I need help for creating a hull in Sketch-up!




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I believe i know you from Greenpeace Virtual, Anyhow. I used to use sketchup up. Try looking up how the program Soap Skin Bubble works i use that for alot of natural shapes when i used sketchup. Also try looking up plans for the ship your are trying to make also study the way the ships curve the problem with sketchup is that alot of it is eye balling. But i do recoment soap skin bubble as the free plugin to use or try looking up how to use delftship.



Devin Rodrigues

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Sorry for the late reply, as I was inactive from the past few months due to studies.

Thank you for helping both, I have 90% completed a ship but, for sometime, I putted it on hold till I don't purchase a new computer.

I won't be active for a few months, and after, I get a new computer.

I will be back and release my ship models for VS/VSF. If I get time, I will post their photos. If someone is really interested in them, and want to see them, Clayton is having White Pearl BETA 2. You can ask him to post it's photos but please don't ask him to share the model as I haven't permitted him to share it.


Thank You

Ritwik Tiwari

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