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  1. Hi, Sry, the K130 class Corvette will not be included during the Alpha or Beta phase. For the implementation of submarines, of course, you will see subs in the future of the sim. Basic AI traffic is done. I hope I have it ready for the next release. But I think, real based traffic is a point for the future.
  2. Hi Captains, after a few weeks full of work on the sim. And a lot of new features for #AcrosstheSeas such as - better clouds and weather, - FFT waves (new Crest feature), - controller axis support, - native DX12 support, - reworked UI and the first preview features like NVidia's DLSS and Raytracing. Regards Marko
  3. Hi. Yes of course, this project is still under active development. It's still in alpha stage. But the sim has made a lot of changes like native support of DirectX12, Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline. The next version is currently delayed, but I plan to release the next version in June.
  4. A bit more of scenery works, new lights, roads and some other improvements for the enviroments of the sim.
  5. Testing new features, like screen space reflections, sunflares and also new rain vfx.
  6. Hello and Welcome Captain Anthony, You're right, sry at the moment it is not possible to add your own ships to the sim. This feature will be not included during the free alpha and beta phase. And a new version is also on the way. ;) Regards Marko
  7. Hi Captains, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! And a thank you to all members of the community for your great support . Regards Marko
  8. New Alpha update is coming soon for Across the Seas.

  9. Hello and welcome here, Thank you very much for your kind of words. :) Yes, Unity offers a great potential for better graphics and model handling for the sim. Currently I'm working on a bigger update. Especially for the weather engine and the graphics overall. In the last version I switched to Unity's new High Definition Render Pipeline. This Render Pipeline would also offer new features like Ray-tracing in the future and has a great looking lighting model. Regards Marko
  10. Hi Captains, here is the next ship for Across the Seas fleet. The Baltic Venture a coastal bulk carrier. Length: 140.85m Width: 16.70m Draft: 3.60m Displacement: 5589t Marko
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