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  1. Hello Captains, The next version of my ship simulator Across the Seas is released. It's the first version with Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline. Core Engine ========== Updated core engine to Unity 2020.1.Beta 12 Changed folder for saved Screenshots to root game folder Updated Crest Ocean to version 4.2 HDRP Graphics ======= Switched to Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline Added new options menu Graphic options are now saved in options.ini file under data folder New Bloom and Ambient Occlusion Post Processing effects added Currently not all Post Processing effects available Watercraft's ========== New physics for Agile, German Patrol Boat and the Arleigh Burke destroyer Preview interiors added for Container and Cruise Ship Added bow particle effect for performance tests, visual look is not final Sceneries ======== Removed vegetation from Dover Calais scenery, need to be regenerate later Regards Marko
  2. Agile Solution FGS Puma S-72 FLB-23 Global Emerald KNM Skjold Kutter - small fishing vessel Ocean Sovereign Ocean Star USS Freedom USS Mahan
  3. Hi, The first patch for the alpha is out. v0.03100 Changelog Core Engine ========= Updated core engine to Unity 2019.3.10 Updated water engine Update of the shipyard scene added Fixed issue with loading screen Fixed some bugs with the UI Graphics ======= Improved FPS counter Fixed bloom and blur effects Scaled down shadow effect for performance Removed shadows for smoke effect for better fps Watercraft's ========= Updated engine management Counter-rotating engines are now working Fixed a bug that throttle applies before engine start Watercraft's have now a fuel system with weight Fixed issues with wake effect strength (hopefully) Changes to watercraft physics Fixes for Global Emerald model Regards Marko Regards Marko
  4. You can post your screenshots of the Across the Seas alpha version under the post here.
  5. Hi Captains, For all who want to test Across the Seas - Unity3d based Ship Simulation, I have decided to release a alpha version. So I can get more feedback about the sim and especially about the performance. I will update this version during the development. Currently I have implemented the Dover Calais area. Most things in Calais are done and Dover is currently under development. Cape Town is in as a preview and also the shipyard scene. For the watercraft's, not all have currently a bridge interior or working instruments. Also features like the anchoring or mooring systems are not final and also in active development. And an important thing is are the physics, I changed a lot things here in the last weeks. So be aware of some strange behavior , I need to adjust the physics for the different watercraft's. Feel free to post shots of the sim or give feedback or suggestions here. Across the Seas - Alpha What is possible or not Test sails in Dover / Calais area Cape Town and a virtual shipyard is implemented as a preview Weather and Time of Day is ready No AI traffic or multiplayer No missions or career mode Minimap system needs a bit more details Mooring and anchoring are not ready Know Issues Watercraft physics need more adjustments Strange physics in some cases of higher sea states Not all watercraft's have interiors at the moment Not all watercraft's have lights Shallow water areas need a bit more work Harbor areas do not have colliders at the moment Mooring physics are not ready New FPS mode is currently in internal testing phase Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiiALzvCn_FFiZ09fMR6S0FgTHAwGg?e=BkbURZ Regards Marko
  6. Performance is not that bad. Calais with surrounded ~70k buildings and a high visibility and around 90-100 fps on my notebook setup. Shallow waters also implemented for harbor areas. No more high waves in harbors. Early morning in Calais. Random shots.
  7. Thinking about to switch to Unity's HD Renderpipeline. 🤨

  8. Hi and Welcome here at VTA, you can take a look at Roberts website. The scenery should be available there. https://robsvsfaddons.weebly.com/ Regards Marko
  9. Here is the newest vessel for the fleet of Across the Seas. The Global Emerald an medium sized AHTS vessel. Marko
  10. Small break from scenery works. Need to test the new Post Processing effects. I think the color saturation looks better now, the same for the reflections on the water surface. Marko
  11. Rain effect is back working. Also removed rain inside the watercraft interior and added a basic rain effect to the windows. Looks good so far and performance is also great. I found and removed also the annoying performance bug. So only point on the to-do list is to get both sceneries (Dover / Calais & Cape Town) a little bit more done for the alpha release. Marko
  12. Hi Captains, Some shots from the sim. The new weather looks perfect and more natural. Also the new volume lighting looks great. Only two major showstoppers are left, before the public alpha version goes live. An anoying performance bug and I need to integrate the new Dover Port for the Dover - Calais scenery. Regards Marko
  13. Calais - Work in Progress Outbound Calais and heading for Port of Dover. Marko
  14. Here is a nice Across the Seas teaser for the upcoming alpha version. The teaser is created by TheFreaks.
  15. Thank you, I plan to release the public alpha during the last quarter of this year.
  16. Hi Captains, The thrusters are now implemented in the sim. So, you can now safely mooring the ship. Sry for the untextured scenery objects. It's the Dover/Calais scenery and it's Work in Progress. The new minimap system is also done. I removed the realtime map. The system is now a picture based minimap system. So it allows me, to paint the minimap to create an look like a real nautical chart. And it gives also an performance boost of 15fps .
  17. Hi All, Across the Seas is also shown in the newest Simul's (the creators of trueSKY) Blog Post. You can take a look here:
  18. Hi Captains, We have now also an Discord Channel. So you can follow our project and mainly the development of Across the Seas at Discord. Regards Marko
  19. Across the Seas anchor physics test. A few things need to be tweaked like the anchor mass or the colliders for the anchor. But so far, it works and looks good.
  20. Across the Seas, now with a new water engine and better weather effects.

  21. Sneak peek of the new wake effect, still need a few things to setup but it looks really nice.
  22. Now added planar reflection to the water engine. Crest Ocean asset looks really cool.
  23. Testing the watercraft physics with Crest ocean. Looks really nice so far. Also to see is an update to the weather engine.
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