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  1. Hello and thanks for buying the Firefighting Boat. I will take a look in VSF and check it. Do you have a screenshot of the issue in VSF? Regards Marko
  2. Nice work, thank you for sharing this one.
  3. Agile is done for the Unreal version of Across the Seas. Marko
  4. The weather engine is almost complete for the sim in Unreal. Fly-through clouds with cloud shadows are done. Also different weather states with weather fx like rain and snow. Only missing thing is the real weather option. Marko
  5. First test with submarines in Across the Seas and Unreal. Marko
  6. Just trying out Ultra Dynamic Sky asset in UE5.1. Clouds and weather effects are working fine so far. Marko
  7. Hello Captains, Here are some news of #AcrosstheSeas. Currently I'm working on the prototype of the sim in the upcoming Unreal Engine 5 (actually 5.1 ). Most of the work is at the moment to improve the watercraft physics in UE. One of the next things is to get back the 2d panel and the first person view. At the same time I'm working on the scenery design. For the first new demos of the sim, I will include all 3 sceneries that are also available in the current Unity alpha version. So Dover/Calais, Rostock Baltic Sea scenery and the harbor area of Cape Town will be included. The new 64bit floating precision in UE 5.1 works really good so far. So no more origin shifting for larger sceneries are necessary. This is really a big deal and this is the next step to allow very large sceneries. I did a first test with the an earth scaled planet done and it works really well. One of the most important thing is to find a good solution for wake effects in Unreal. This feature is currently completely missing in the sim. Thank you to all, for your amazing support. I will do my best, to get done a first Unreal demo of the sim. Regards Marko
  8. Hello Captains, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I wish you all the best to all of you. I will be back in January with more news of Across the Seas and hopefully with more new pics, now powered by Unreal Engine 5. Regards Marko
  9. Another nice addon! Great work and thank you for uploading your great stuff here.
  10. Danke schön, wenn alles so weiter läuft kommt auch endlich bald die nächste Version raus.
  11. Moin, und erst einmal herzlich willkommen hier bei VTA Design. Es sind zwar immer noch einige angemeldet, ist aber schon etwas länger her das im deutschen Unterforum aktiv gepostet wurde. Vielleicht ändert sich das ja, wenn der neue Simulator fertig ist. MfG Marko
  12. I think it was a Harpoon missile. But you can change it to your needs, you can add your own weapons. Should be also no problem to convert the sub to VSF, as long as you convert the model for your private use only.
  13. Sry, I don't have the source files anymore. So I can't add the missing files to these old models.
  14. Hello Captain Anthony96 and welcome, sry this will not be possible with the first release of the sim. Maybe, with an later release. The current maximum size of an scenery is around 100x100km.
  15. Hi, Sry, the K130 class Corvette will not be included during the Alpha or Beta phase. For the implementation of submarines, of course, you will see subs in the future of the sim. Basic AI traffic is done. I hope I have it ready for the next release. But I think, real based traffic is a point for the future.
  16. Hi Captains, after a few weeks full of work on the sim. And a lot of new features for #AcrosstheSeas such as - better clouds and weather, - FFT waves (new Crest feature), - controller axis support, - native DX12 support, - reworked UI and the first preview features like NVidia's DLSS and Raytracing. Regards Marko
  17. Hi. Yes of course, this project is still under active development. It's still in alpha stage. But the sim has made a lot of changes like native support of DirectX12, Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline. The next version is currently delayed, but I plan to release the next version in June.
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